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Welcome to the Institute of Global Business. Let us help you open a door to the international business world.

  • Global Business

Today, more and more companies are affected by global competition. Globalization makes business more challenging; meanwhile, it provides better opportunities for companies to grow. The ability to understand global trends is essential in the 21st century. McCoy International Business program provides students the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and technical skills necessary to succeed in global business.  

  •   Mission Statement

Institute for Global Business provides quality academic and experiential learning opportunities to prepare students, faculty and the business community to successfully compete in the global markets. The International Business Program is dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge with the purpose of promoting greater international awareness and understanding.


International Business Presentation

San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Mr. Xia Bing, China Director of APEC Business Advisory Council, discussed China’s role in the global economy with a group of McCoy College students and faculty on September 24, 2015.