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Mentor Program

Are you a Texas State senior, looking forward to graduating soon with a Latin American Business Certificate?

Are you a little nervous about making the transition from student to professional? Do you have career-related questions? Are you wondering what would be the best entry-level job to get your career in international business off to a good start? Do you have questions about how to write a resume that will get noticed and present you in the best light? Would you like to know more about what is appropriate dress for a job interview, what questions you will likely be asked during an interview, or what questions you should ask during an interview? Are you interested in learning more about what it will be like to work in international business? Would you like to know what entry-level positions would be most useful to help you achieve you long-term career objectives? Answers to all these questions, and more, can be had by completing the mentor application form below.  

What is a mentor?

According to The Random House Dictionary, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor. The Latin American Business Certificate program has identified a number of professionals who work in the field of international business in Latin America and who have volunteered to serve as mentors to our students. They work in a variety of industries (e.g., finance, marketing, customs brokerage, government) and hold important management and staff positions (e.g., President, CEO, Director, Vice-president of Marketing, Sales Manager, Trade Specialist). The mentor and student will meet face-to-face once or twice a semester to get to know each other and discuss career-related issues. In addition, the mentor and student can communicate via email and telephone calls as often as desired.  


Take advantage of a great opportunity to get your career on the fast track.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jack Mogab.