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McCoy College Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

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Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program


Develop Career-related Skills Through Study Abroad

Dr. Phil Gardner and Dr. Linda Gross, from Michigan State University’s Career Services, show you how to structure your study abroad experience to maximize skill development in the video Unpacking Your Study Abroad Experience.
Studies have shown that employers are demanding that graduates have advanced skills sets before hiring them. In many cases, these skills cannot be adequately developed in the traditional classroom setting. There is evidence, however, that a properly structured Study Abroad experience can be transformative on a personal level and also enable you to develop the advanced skills employers demand. To see how, watch the video (requires QuickTime).

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

For information on financial aid and scholarships please visit

Note: The International Education Fee Scholarship application period for Summer 2014 is October 7, 2013 to November 29, 2013. For more information and to apply, go to

  Study Abroad-Santiago, Chile 


Country and City


Chile—a shining star in the global economy                    


    • Highest GDP per capita in Latin America           
    • The most recent member of the OECD
    • Business transparency rankings on par with those in the developed world


Santiago—the capital and largest city of Chile


    •  One of Latin America’s most modern metropolitan areas
    •  The regional headquarters of many multinational companies  
    •  Financial center




What You Will Learn


    •  Orientation meetings
    • On-Campus classes
    • Meetings with Chile's business leaders and business
    • Service learning project & culture excursions




Graduate Program 


         Program dates: May 31 - July 21, 2016

         Chile Trip dates: June 17 - 25, 2016
 Course Options   
BLAW 5368G: Legal Issues in International Business Law
ECO 5320: Emerging Market Economies
Cost and Payment Schedule: TBA





Texas State MBA students in CHILE

Study Abroad in Chile Video


Study Abroad-Barcelona, Spain

Country and City

Spain—Economic hub of European Union

  • The 12th largest economy in the world
  • Complex cultural heritage with diverse regional identities

·         Barcelona—the second largest city of Spain

  • Major economic center and a growing financial center
  • The 13th  Innovation Cities in the world according to Global Index
  • The 4th richest city in the European Union by GDP



Study Abroad-Prague, Czech Republic

Program Theme

Financial Investment in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Courses Offered

  • FIN 3318 - Investment Analysis
  • ACC 3365 - Cost/ Managerial Accounting
  • Independent studies in Finance, Economics and Global Business

·         The city - Prague

  • Modern, cosmopolitan city in the heart of Europe.
  • Rich cultural and social life.
  • City of Hundred Spires.
  • Visitor friendly and many English-speaking people used to seeing foreigners.