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Graduate Programs

MBA Emphasis on International Business

The McCoy College of Business Administration emphasizes the application of knowledge and skills that will enable our graduates to compete in the global business environment.     

The program provides students with:

  • The business skills to compete in a global economy
  • Understanding of economic, social and political issues of international business
  • Identification of marketing issues and strategies
  • Knowledge of international financial principles and key legal issues
  • Recognition of the cultural, political and historical issues

Students seeking the MBA degree with a International Business Emphasis must first be admitted to the MBA program. For more information on applying to the MBA program, please visit the McCoy College of Business Administration Graduate Program home page HERE.

All courses for the General MBA program are offered both on the San Marcos campus and at the Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC) north of Austin. There are no leveling course requirements in this program.

Program Requirements:

Each option is made up of a combination of Tier 1 core courses, Tier 2 core courses, and elective courses. The exact number of courses required depends upon the MBA option that is selected.

Required Courses (Tier One) 9 hours

BA5351 Organizational Performance and Competitive Advantage

BA5352 Developing the Financial Perspective of the Firm

BA5353 Understanding and Analyzing Organizational Problems

 Require Courses (Tier Two) 24 hours 

ECO 5316 Managerial Economics

FIN 5387 Managerial Finance

MGT 5313 Strategic Management

MGT 5314 Organizational Behavior and Theory

MKT 5330 International Marketing

QMST 5334 Advanced Statistical Methods for Business

The 12 hours of electives for this option must be selected from a set of internationally focused courses that are designed to complement the core material for this option. Electives will allow students to concentrate either in international management or international finance and economics.

Elective courses 12 hours

ECO 5320 Emerging Market Economies

BLAW 5368G Legal Issues in International Business Law

ECO 5340 International Economics

FIN 5338 International Investment and Finance Management

MKT 5325 Global Marketing and Value Chain

MGT 5318 Cross-Cultural Management

MGT 5375 International Management