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International Business Minor Program

University graduates are increasingly challenged to compete in a complex and dynamic global environment. An International Business minor will enable students to acquire knowledge and skills that will qualify them for positions with firms engaged in international operations and support services for international trade such as: logistics, customs brokerage, port operations, freight forwarding, international marketing and business research, finance, and supply chain management; as well as positions with government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. International Trade Administration, CIA, State Department and the US Agency for International Developement.

* A minor in International Business is offered by the McCoy College for business majors only.


IB Minor  Required Core Courses:

Course Number Course Title Hours
MKT 4310 International Marketing 3
MGT 3375 International Business 3
ECO 3353 Comparative Economic Systems 3
BA 4315 International Trade Operations 3
  Total Credits 12


IB Minor Elective Courses: (6 hours from the following)

Course Number Course Title Hours
ECO 3317 International Economics 3
FIN 4331 International Finance 3
BLAW 3363 International Business Law 3
BA 4300 Independent Study in Global Business 3
BA 4312 Global Business Internship 3
CIS 3317 E-Business 3
ECO 3320 Emerging Market Economies 3
MGT 4390G Cross-Cultural Human Relations 3
MKT 3385 Ethnic and Niche Marketing 3
COMM 3318M Intercultural Communication 3
MC 4303 International Advertising 3
MC 4310 International Communication 3
SOCI 3320 Population Dynamic 3
SOCI 3328 Complex Organizations 3
SOCI 3350 Men, Women, and Societies 3
POSI 4326 Issues of World Politics 3
POSI 4356 Politics of International Economic Relations 3
GEO 3303 Economic Geography 3
GEO 3307 Geography of Europe 3
GEO 3308 Latin America 3
GEO 3328 Geography of North Africa and & the Middle East 3
GEO 3332 Geography of South & Southeast Asia 3
GEO 3333 Geography of China & Japan 3
HIST XXXX any course in Advanced History courses from Groups A&B 3
FR 3381 Business French I 3
FR 3382 Business French II 3
GER 3380 Business German in Global Economy 3
JAPA 3308 Advanced Japanese for Business 3
SPAN 3311 Business Spanish I 3
SPAN 3312 Business Spanish ii 3
  Semester hour subtotal: 6