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Faculty Research

Name: Enrique P. Becerra    

Enrique Becerra

Department: Marketing 

Research Interest: Dr. Becerra is a member of American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing

Science, Decision Science Institute, and Association for Consumer Research. He teaches International

Marketing, Ethnic and Niche Marketing, Principle of Marketing, and Independent Marketing Study at

Texas State University.

Recent publications:  Chapa, Sindy and Enrique P. Becerra. “The Effect of Generational Status and

Language-Tailored Political Advertising,” forthcoming in the Journal of Advertising Research.

Becerra, Enrique P., Vishag Badrinarayanan, and C. H. Kim, “The Influence of Thinking Tendencies on the Online Transactions of Hybrid Retailers,” forthcoming in the Journal of Business Research,

 Lee, Sam, Francis Mendez, Enrique P. Becerra, and Randy Cook, “Approximate Query Answers for Mobile Decision Making,” International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, Vol. 4 (1), 2012, pp.1-18. PRJ(CP).

Badrinarayanan, Vishag, Enrique P. Becerra, Sreedhar R. Madhavaram, and C.H. Kim, “Congruence and Transference Effects on Purchase Intentions in Online Stores of Multi-Channel Retailers: Initial Evidence from the U.S. and South Korea,” forthcoming in the Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science PRJ(CP).

 Becerra, Enrique P. and Pradeep Korgaonkar, “The Influence of Ethnic Identification in Digital Advertising: How Hispanic Americans’ Response to Pop-UP, E-Mail, and Banner Advertising Affects Online Purchase Intentions,” Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 50 (3), 2010, pp. 279-291.  PRJ(CP).

Korgaonkar, Pradeep, Ronnie Silverblatt, and Enrique P. Becerra, “The Hispanic View of Email, Popup, and Banner Advertising,” International Journal of E-Business Research, vol. 6 (2), 2010, pp. 45-58. PRJ(CP).

Shah, Vivek, Hsun-Ming Lee, and Enrique P. Becerra,  “Aiding Fair Trade Online Through Place Branding,” Communications of the IIMA,  vol. 9, No. 3, 2010, pp. 91-105. PRJ(CP).

Becerra, Enrique and Pradeep Korgaonkar, "Hispanics' Information Serach and Patronage Intentions Online,"Journal of Electronic Commerce Research ,  vol. 10, No.2, 2009, pp. 76-93. PRJ(CP).

Contact Information: McCoy 314




Name: Robert Konopaske, Ph. D


Rob Konopaske


Department: Institution of Global Business, Management Department


Research Interest: Dr. Konopaske is interested in the domain of emerging global assignments (i.e.,

traveling, virtual, short-term international assignees) and issues related to global assignment willingness. In

the past, Dr. Konopaske has done research on executive travel stress that had some implications for

executives and managers who travel extensively in the U.S. and overseas. 


Recent publications: Konopaske, R., Robie, C., & Ivancevich, J. 2009. Managerial Willingness to

Assume Traveling, Short-term and Long-term Global Assignments. Management International Review,

49(3): 359-388.


Konopaske, R., Robie, C., & Ivancevich, J.M. 2005.  A Preliminary Model of Spouse Influence on

Managerial Global Assignment Willingness.  International Journal of Human Resource Management, 16(3):



Konopaske, R. & Werner, S. 2005. US Managers’ Willingness to Accept a Global Assignment: Do

Expatriate Benefits and Assignment Length Make a Difference?  International Journal of Human Resource

Management, 16(7): 1159-1175.


Ivancevich, J.M., Konopaske, R., & DeFrank, R.S.  2003. Business Travel Stress: A Model,

Propositions and Managerial Implications. Work & Stress, 17(2): 138-157.


Konopaske, R., Werner, S. & Neupert, K.E.  2002.  FDI Staffing and Performance: The Role of Entry

Mode Strategy.  Journal of Business Research, 55(9): 759-770.


Peterson, M. F., Thomason, S. J., Althouse, N., Athanassiou, N., Curri, G., Konopaske, R., et al.

2010.Social Structures and Personal Values that Predict E-mail Use: An International Comparative Study,

Journal of Global Information Management, 18(2), 57-84.


Contact Information: McCoy 543





Name: Eva-Maria Maaninen-Olsson, Ph. D

Eva-Marie Maaninen-Olsson

Research Interest: Dr. Maaninen-Olsson is interested in the domain of organizational learning and knowledge integration in project-based organizations, including virtual global teams. In the past, Dr. Maaninen-Olsson has done research on MNCs, in particular on organizational issues in global teams. She teaches and is course responsible for several management courses, including Leadership in Teams, Effective Organizing, and Bachelor and Master thesis.

Recent publications:

Mörk, B-E., Hoholm, T., Maaninen-Olsson, E., Aanestad, M. (2012). Changing practice through boundary organizing: A case from medical R&D, Human Relations, 65(2): 263-288.

Adenfelt, M. & Maaninen-Olsson, E. (2009) Knowledge integration in a multinational setting - a study of a transnational business project, International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, 3(3/4): 295–312.

Maaninen-Olsson, E. & Müllern, T. (2009) A contextual understanding of projects – The importance of space and time, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 25(3):327-339.

Hällgren, M. & Maaninen-Olsson, E. (2008) Deviations and the breakdown of project management principles, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 2(1), pp.53-69.

Recent conference paper: Ekman, P., Maaninen-Olsson, E., Sundström, A. (2017) Bringing practitioners into the classroom: Student reflections and learning styles, Reviewed paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Science, May 24-26, 2017, San Diego, USA

Contact Information:

McCoy 564

Name: Jack Mogab, Ph. D

Jack Mogab

Department: Institution of Global Business, Finance and Economics Department

Research Interest: Dr. Jack Mogab is Director of the Institute for Global Business and Professor of Economics at Texas State University-San Marcos. He teaches several economics courses, including Principles of Macroeconomics, Comparative Economic Systems, Latin American Economies, and International Economics. His research on topics related to international business and global economic issues has been published in books and scholarly journals, such as the American Journal of Business, Texas Business Review, Journal of Economic Issues, and Development and Change. He earned a Ph.D. degree in Economics from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Recent publications: Mogab, John, Ruby Kishan, and Diego E. Vacaflores. Labor Market Rigidity and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Europe. Applied Econometrics and International Development, Vol. 13-1 (2012)

Pattison, Patrica: and Mogab, J. W. A Comparison of U.S. and Chilean Labor and Employment Law, Journal of Employment and Labor Law, Volume 12, Spring 2011,22-38.

Contact Information: McCoy 564



Name: Dr. Taewon Suh
Taewon Suh

Department: Marketing

Research Interest: Entry modes, Country-of-origin, Global reputation management, Globalization and consumers, International teams and innovation, Organizational issues of MNCs, global entrepreneurship, Trust in global markets, Diversity of MNCs

Recent publication: Taewon Suh, Ha-Chin Yi, and Mark B. Houston. 2011. Reassessing Firm Size in International Marketing Research. Journal of Global Marketing, 24 (1): 85-99.

Taewon Suh and David Boggs. 2011. Communications Infrastructure and Inward Foreign Investment: A Comparison between Developed and Emerging Markets. Competitiveness Review, 21 (2): 205-223.  

Taewon Suh, Mueun Bae, Hongxin Zhao, Seung H. Kim, and Mark J. Arnold. 2010. A Multi-Level Investigation of International Marketing Projects: The Roles of Experiential Knowledge and Creativity on Performance. Industrial Marketing Management, 39 (2): 211-220.

Taewon Suh and Karen H. Smith. 2008. Attitude toward Globalization and Country-of-Origin Evaluations: Toward a Dynamic Theory. Journal of Global Marketing, 21 (2): 127-139.

Contact Information: McCoy 416



Name: Diego Vacaflores

Diego Vacaflores

Department: Finance and Economics

Research Interest: Dr Vacaflores's primary research focus is in the field of macroeconomics, with a special focus on Remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, and Monetary Policy. His current research agenda includes work on the determination of Remittances, the influence of economic fluctuations in the U.S. for Remittances flows to Latin American countries, and the tradeoff between migration and Remittances. In terms of FDI, he is examining the influence of labor market rigidity in other regions of the world (Asia and Latin America), the influence that FDI can have on employment creation at the firm level (world sample), and theoretical modeling of the impact of FDI on economic growth. Satial considerations are also being incorporated on the modeling of Remittances and FDI flows.

Recent Publications: “FDI and Tax Revenues” in Ramkishen S. Rajan and Kenneth A. Reinert, eds., Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, Princeton University Press (2009).
“Monetary Stimulus: Through Wall Street or Main Street?” Revista de Analisis, Vol. 14, 9-40 (2011).
“Was Latin America Correct in Relying in Foreign Direct Investment to Improve Employment Rates?” Applied Econometrics and International Development (AEID), Vol. 11-2. 101-122 (2011).
“Remittances, Monetary Policy and Partial Sterilization” Southern Economic Journal 79(2):367-387 (2012).
“The Macroeconomic Consequences of Remittances” with Dennis Jansen and George S. Naufal. ISRN Economics Vol. 2012 (2012).
“Sectoral Effects of Monetary Policy: The Evidence from Publicly Traded Firms” with Dennis W. Jansen and Ruby P. Kishan. Southern Economic Journal 79(4): 946-970 (2013).
“Labor Market Rigidity and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Europe” with Jack Mogab and Ruby Kishan. Applied Econometrics and International Development (AEID) 13(1): 35-54 (2013).

Contact Information: McCoy 552




Name: Ha-Chin Yi, Ph. D


Ha-Chin Yi


Department: Finance and Economics 

Research Interest: International banking , Cross-country mergers and acquisitions, and Foreign exchange



Recent Publications: Taewon Suh, Ha-Chin Yi, and Mark B. Houston. 2011. Reassessing Firm Size in

International Marketing Research. Journal of Global Marketing, 24 (1): 85-99.

Chang, K., Wee, J. B., Yi, H.-C. (2012). Does National Culture Influence on the Firm's Choice of Debt Maturity? Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 41, 424-457.


Contact Information:  McCoy 517